revitalizing sell-through and reintroducing basic lift

“There is a tremendous opportunity for other distributors whose VOD rights have been extended. If we don't fill that need then it's going to get filled by somebody else ... move more quickly and with more foresight on VOD. If you think about the success of Netflix and the interest in YouTube, it's mostly because you can get your stuff on demand.”
Jeff Bewkes at a UBS Conference in December 2013

“H.B.O. changed the profile of cable television ... Cable was a hardware business before. Now it is a video publishing business ... The cable industry has come to realize that people are interested in cable today not for the technology but rather for the special kinds of programming it offers.”
Gerald Levin as quoted by the New York Times in January 1980

“As a practical matter, due to its economics and technology, the public Internet is not well-suited to convey truly popular, premium long-form, audio-visual content.”
Andrew Setos at an SMPTE Conference in October 2011